Esteban Lorenzano

I worked a bit with iceberg. Finally merged the branch multi-remotes onto 0.4-dev just to realise immediately there is a bug :( Anyway... this is at least partially solved so I will integrate it directly.

27 January 2017 4:36 pm 0 Comments - Link

Fixed Case 19592 (PharoVM shown as Squeak Cog VM on Windows task Manager).

27 January 2017 3:36 pm 0 Comments - Link

I worked with Clement to figure out why supportsWriteBarrier was answering false in windows builds.

Turns out it was a combined bug:

First, a problem in the VM and double castings (weird, isn't?). This is already taken care by Clement.

Second (and this is my side of the problem), PharoVM builds needed to include a couple of flags I was not inclding:


with this two things fixed, now everything should be fine in Windows side. Curiously, even if the method was answering false, the write barrier was actually working :)

27 January 2017 1:43 pm 0 Comments - Link

Spent some time verifying some issues with VM on Windows.

  • Why SqueakSSL is not working? Case 19605. This looks to be an invalid issue, since I cannot prove it (nor Torsten).
  • Why Smalltalk vm supportsWriteBarrier answers false ? This is weird, since my own builds (which are the same) answers correctly true . Anyway, I will try triggering a new build, and hope for the best.
26 January 2017 3:49 pm 0 Comments - Link

I submited a fix for Case 19315. The patch contains both my workaround plus the fix suggested by Phil (in a slightly different way)... yeah, I know this is redundant but I want to be sure this damn bug is fixed for good :)

26 January 2017 3:05 pm 0 Comments - Link

I made a small iteration on the new mail service over this thingy... now I export the log in my own variation of the AsciiDoc format.

I choose to do it like this because format is more legible (and Pillar already has one exporter to it :P)

23 January 2017 7:59 pm 0 Comments - Link

I added AioPlugin to all linux distros (they will be available in latest VM).

As with SqueakSSL, I have no idea why it was missing :P

23 January 2017 11:15 am 0 Comments - Link