Esteban Lorenzano

Ok, I get the VM to compile correctly with the new libgit2 version, and now latest vm comes with libgit 0.25.1 for both 32 and 64 bits versions.

I also made some minor fixes to iceberg dev-0.5 and it should be ready to test and release. This version incorporates some important changes that will allow us to work with it to make changes to Pharo itself (and that will be noticed on big projects):

  • it has cherry-pick.
  • it speeds up sincronization by introducing more precise comparisons instead making a "full scan"
  • it keeps in sync branch on disk and branch on iceberg (before it was keeping them separately and it was very confusing)

To test it, you can execute:

	wget -O- | bash
	wget -O- | bash # on linux systems

then you will need to load version dev-0.5 :

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Iceberg';
  repository: 'github://pharo-vcs/iceberg:dev-0.5';	  
"And you will need to execute this... I will need to update the baseline with this,
 now that I think :)"
LGitExternalStructure allSubclassesDo: #compileFields.
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