Esteban Lorenzano

I just finish a fist iteration of a HUGE refactor for Voyage. I just added a second backend implementation: Voyage-UnQLite, for unqlite, an embedded document database (bah, is key-value originally but it was extended to handle JSON documents).

It implements a big change, but is mostly compatible (except for the magritte parts, for which I will upload a compatibility package soon). All tests passes (at least all tests I have, but now I think tests are not enough, so I will review them).

Anyway, to play with it you will need to do a couple of steps, for now:

Metacello new 
    repository: 'github://pharo-nosql/voyage:unqlite/mc';
    baseline: 'VoyageMongo';
    load: 'unqlite tests'.

And, since BaselineOfPunQLite will download wrong file, for now, you are invited to download (and put at the side of your image), one of this.

It is just a first step and needs some iterations, but well, I'm happy with it.

15 June 2016 5:24 pm 0 Comments - Link